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Quick Sale version 2.7.23 Released

This new update fixes some issues with the name on the receipts and the PayPal Pay Now link.

The previous update added a new calendar date picker, the ability to email a packing slip and included multiple fixes.

Version 2.7.23:

• Fixed: Receipts & HTML invoices name layout.

• Fixed: PayPal link.

Version 2.7.22:

• Fixed: Emailing quotes or estimates.

Version 2.7.21:

• New calendar date picker.

• Ability to email a packing list.

• Fixed: Payments report missing fields.

• Fixed: Payments report search by name.

• Fixed: Line item editor price picker.

• Fixed: Email attachment filename.

• Fixed: Exporting sales reports now includes all customer fields.

• Other fixes and improvements.

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