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Dec 14, 2018

Unable to Email


Edited: Oct 7

If you are having problems emailing invoices or estimates, please make sure that you can send and receive emails using the iPad Mail app.


The email delivery is handled directly by the Mail app and not by Quick Sale.


If you recently changed your email password, you may need to update the password on your iPad for the email to work correctly. You can also remove the email account and add it again to the device.


First, check for emails getting stuck in the Outbox folder of the Mail app. This is sometimes caused by problems with the email settings, email address or email provider. To check for emails stuck in the Outbox folder:

  1. Open the Mail app and go to Mailboxes

  2. If the Outbox folder is visible: a) Select the Outbox folder b) Tap the red warning icon (!) to see more information about the error c) Remove all the emails in this folder

  3. Restart the iPad (Off/On) and then try to email again.


If the problem continues, update your email account password:


  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Tap Passwords & Accounts

  3. Select your email account and then tap Account

  4. Update the password under Incoming Mail Server

  5. Select the SMTP server under Outgoing Mail Server

  6. Select the Primary Server (if visible)

  7. Update the password

  8. Check for emails stuck in the Outbox folder (see instructions above and restart the iPad)


If still can't email, remove and add the email account again:


Note: Before continuing, please make sure you know your email account password. Also, you may need to contact your email provided if you are not sure about the steps needed to add your email account to the iPad.


  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Tap Passwords & Accounts

  3. Select your email account and then tap Account

  4. Tap Delete Account

  5. Tap Add Account

  6. Select the options specific to your email provider


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